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E-DEAL CRM for Hootsuite


Requirements: Hootsuite Enterprise and an E-DEAL CRM “Winter 2017” account or later (Intranet or SaaS)

E-DEAL CRM for Hootsuite enables users to search details and activities for any social contact or account from Hootsuite Dashboard. Users can also create new digital contacts in order to manage leads, requests or marketing campaigns. A stream is also provided to be informed of all CRM processes applied to your Hootsuite conversations.

About E-DEAL

E-DEAL CRM is a Customer Relationship software that can easily be adapted to the core business of each company, and most importantly to each individual user within a company. It combines the agility needed to help the company in its constant evolution, with the robustness needed to handle the CRM of large work groups, such as companies with more than 10,000 users.

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